drivewaysCurb appeal is everything when it comes to the value and appearance of your home, and there’s no better statement than a beautiful paver driveway.  Whether you choose a classic pattern recalling cobblestone streets or go with textures with the rugged look of ancient Roman cut stone, creating the perfect first impression to your home is as easy as opening the front door.

Concrete pavers, clay brick pavers, and permeable pavers are popular options for driveway applications.

Concrete brick pavers are the most popular option for residential driveway applications and are an appealing option due to their diverse range of rich color combinations and pattern options.  Concrete pavers are manufactured using sand, crushed stone, cement, water, and color fast pigments.  Concrete brick pavers are made with either white or gray cement.  Gray cement is used when producing dark colors, typically for driveway applications.  White cement concrete pavers are used largely for pool decks, which do not retain as much heat and produce lighter colors.  The surface of concrete pavers is slightly course to the touch.  This texture is to provide a safe non-slip walking or driving surface even when wet.

Clay brick pavers have an appeal that show an image of timeless elegance to homes.  Made from material that comes from the earth (clay, fire, and water), they bring a calming and natural effect to any landscape design.  The colors of clay brick pavers tend to be earth tones or blends, using mostly red, brown, greenish gray, tan, and cream.  The high temperature at which clay brick paving is fired allows the color to endure forever without fading.  Clay brick pavers provide a warm welcome that will endure, even improve, as the years go by.

Permeable pavers or “Green” pavers provide the same strength, durability, slip resistance, and beauty of standard concrete pavers, but also offer an eco-friendly solution to runoff and standing water.  Permeable interlocking concrete pavement is comprised of a layer of concrete pavers separated by joints filled with small stones.  Water enters the joints and flows through an “open-graded” base of crushed stone.  The void spaces among the crushed stones store water and infiltrate it back to the soil subgrade, creating 100% surface permeability.  In addition to protecting the environment, these innovative products protect the economy, as future growth depends on maintaining the quality of water resources, including beaches and rivers.  Largely used in commercial applications, permeable pavers are also becoming a popular option for residential driveways.

As a licensed, insured installation specialist and proud Master Craftsman for Belgard products, ACP is more than qualified to handle the intricate details of driveway installations.  ACP is certified by the ICPI and follows all ICPI and manufacturer guidelines for all hardscape installations.