Create Elegant Residential Grounds With Landscaping Walls In Greater Tampa

Landscaping walls are a wonderful way to add beauty, structure and definition your outdoor spaces. Stone and brick have a timeless quality, a permanence that will never wear out or look dated. Unlike wood, stone and brick improve with age, they don’t rot, and they’re not at the mercy of the elements. They won’t burn down, aren’t damaged by water, don’t blow away and suffer minimal storm and sun damage. This is an important consideration in Greater Tampa Florida where extremes of heat and tropical storms are a regular part of life.

There are many ways to define outdoor areas with landscaping borders. If your property is large, you can divide the grounds into smaller spaces that look and feel more intimate. You can create borders around flower beds to keep soil in place, design a waterfall or goldfish pond, add a stone bench for picturesque seating. You can define a patio area, encircle a tree or add a garden terrace, walkway and staircase. Taller borders can be used for privacy around pools, spas and outdoor living rooms or to conceal unpleasant views. Walls can be designed to furnish shade or to protect against the wind.

Give your entire home an upscale look with a classic stone or brick border that completely surrounds your property. Whereas fencing requires maintenance, stone and brick are virtually maintenance-free and don’t need sealing or paint. They can discourage trespassers, vandals and burglars and create a sheltered environment for children and pets.

One of the most appealing features of landscape walls is that they can be constructed in many different ways and composed of various textures and colors. Walls can be curved, straight, graduated or constructed on sloping ground. They can include interesting colors, unique shapes or be designed to incorporate and extend the unique features of your home. To discover the possibilities of what you can do on your own property, visit for 239 images and ideas.

The best part of using stone or brick borders as part of your outdoor landscaping scheme is that they’re sustainable. They can last for centuries. However, another option for outdoor landscaping is the veneer stone offered by ACP. Veneer stone is a very affordable alternative to real stone. It’s made of natural materials, is available in a wider variety of colors and textures, and it’s easy to care for.