Pergolas can be simple or elaborate structures, creating shade and extending your living area outdoors for gracious entertaining.  Whether poolside, on a deck, or attached to the house, a pergola will enhance both the beauty and value of your home.

These beautiful structures are crafted of high quality lumber or heavy-duty aluminum finishes and use cross beams to create an open roof, providing an architectural aesthetic and shade to the outdoor area.  Let your imagination run wild!  Pergola styles range from affordable basics to decorative custom designed options.

Most Commonly Used Lumber for Pergolas:

  • Pressure Treated Pine
    The most cost effective option is Pressure Treated Pine (PT Pine) and is chemically treated to withstand severe elements and to protect from insects and rotting.  It is a hard, heavy lumber with a rich golden color and distinctive grain pattern.  The PT Pine used in our pergolas is treated with a copper based chemical called ACQ and does not contain Arsenic.  PT Pine comes with a green appearance but as it dries, it will return to its golden brown appearance.  If treated with a sealer or stain, PT Pine can last 20-25 years, untreated it will last 8-10 years and will weather to a gray color.
  • Western Red Cedar
    Western Red Cedar and is a wood with a well-deserved reputation for durability and natural rot resistance, making it great for outdoor use.  It has a wonderful fragrance and light amber color that cannot be copied by anything man made.  It is lightweight with close, even grains and easily worked to a smooth finish with little effort. Western Red Cedar takes paints and stains very well.  If treated, Western Red Cedar will last 20-25 years; untreated it will last 8-10 years and will weather to a gray color.  The cost for Cedar is about two to three times the cost of PT Pine, depending on the specifics of the pergola structure.
  • Cypress
    Cypress heartwood is extremely decay and insect resistant due to its naturally occurring preservative known as cypressene, and is an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor use. Cypress is not only beautiful on the outside, but extremely durable on the inside.  In its natural state, the wood is a pale honey color that features light streaks on a darker background, and unsealed, weathers to an even gray.  Cypress will perform better long term if sealed with a stain or paint. If using a stain, it needs to be an oil-based wood stain with a mildew inhibitor.  Most clear stains last 1-3 years, semi-transparent colored stains (wood grain still visible) last 3-5 years, solid colored stains last 5-10 years, and most paints last 10-20 years.  The cost of cypress compares most closely to cedar, but varies on the specifics of the pergola structure.
  • Aluminum Pergolas
    Get the look of perfectly cut, premium grade wood with heavy-duty aluminum finishes that will not rot, burn, splinter, harbor insects or require re-painting.  Components are coated with a durable Kynar 500 finish to preserve the beauty for many years to come.  This product line is ideal for hotel and community pools, outdoor restaurant seating, hospital courtyards, smoker’s pavilions, building entries, or any other commercial application.  It makes for a beautiful structure at a residence as well!
    With the choice of either round or square posts, a palette of six designer colors and four distinctive end cuts, it’s easy to create a shade cover that compliments any structure.

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