Planning Your Outdoor Living Area: The Function Factor

The goal when planning your outdoor living area is to create distinct yet cohesive spaces. Like the floor plan within the walls of your home, the outdoor living space should incorporate furniture groupings and flooring materials to delineate spaces. Here’s a look at different “rooms” you may choose to define when planning your outdoor living area.

  • Public gathering spots: The front porch and yard are likely to be the most public places on your property. It’s there that kids play and neighbors wave to passersby. However you use your front porch, make sure it gives off a good first impression.
  • Outdoor kitchen: Position the kitchen so smoke and fumes waft away from both the house and the outdoor seating area. Make sure electrical, gas and water hookups are available for outdoor kitchen amenities, such as the fridge, sink, wine cooler and stove top. Also remember the importance of task lighting for cooking after dark.
    Dining and living areas: You may delineate the dining and living areas with a fireplace or fire pit surrounded by chairs, a table nestled up to a built-in wall bench, or a table and chairs on a raised patio section. Make sure these top-priority areas become the eye candy of your outdoor living space. Make them comfortable with weather-proof cushions and wireless outdoor speakers for ambiance.
  • Recreation areas: Children and pets need room to play. Make sure the recreation area is fenced-in and shady to stay cool. The ground should be comprised of grass, shredded mulch or recycled rubber for safety.
  • Hidden nooks: When planning your outdoor living area, don’t feel like everything has to visible right away. A winding foot path that leads to a hammock and small water feature is the perfect way to create a hidden, private nook.
  • Service areas: Don’t forget a discrete place for garbage cans, gardening equipment and landscaping tools. The garage, a lockable shed or a lattice corral are all great ways to hide these unsightly but necessary components to outdoor living.

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